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It can be particularly challenging for HR professionals at nonprofits — with limited budgets and, well, no profit — to determine what to offer new employees in terms of compensation, as well as what to pay existing employees. Creating fair, attractive, competitive compensation plans for nonprofit positions requires fresh data on industry jobs, and easy-to-use software to keep it all organized.

PayScale’s benchmark data and cloud software helps nonprofit HR pros retain and attract top talent to help their organizations change the world.


Nonprofit Pay Trends

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PayScale’s annual Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) gathers information from thousands of respondents across industries, geographies and organizational sizes. Each year, based on the data from the CBPR, we produce industry-specific fact sheets that outline compensation practices from hundreds of respondents per industry. Download this year’s Nonprofit Fact Sheet to get up-to-date compensation insights to guide your nonprofit organization.


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