Leverage industry specific, employer-sourced data

Gain visibility into competitive pay, even on niche jobs, to help your business maintain its advantage.

Why pick Payscale for employer data?

Fresh salary data at your fingertips

Payscale Compensation Surveys leverage HRIS-aggregated data to create an employer sourced dataset which can be used just like a traditional survey.

Effortless survey loading and automated matching

Each quarter, a new installment of Payscale’s AI-enabled compensation survey results is added to your survey library with matches completed.

Full control of survey matches and weighting

Accept or decline matches in Payscale Compensation Surveys, and control the weighting of results more simply and efficiently than ever.

Core features of Payscale Compensation Surveys

Specificity to make you competitive

Maintain ongoing visibility into what your competitors are paying for the same roles—even niche jobs—so your teams can plan (and pay) accordingly.

Relevance to power your strategy

The wide range of offerings—15 industry surveys with cuts by size, revenue, and location—help ensure that you’re getting only the most relevant data.

Transparency you can depend on

Payscale Compensation Surveys feature detailed participation and position lists, ensuring the compliance you need and the confidence you seek.

Currency to keep you one step ahead

Our employer-sourced pay data is the freshest of its kind available anywhere—and it’s kept fresh with quarterly updates delivered automatically.

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