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Research Reports

The Top Jobs and Skills in Technology – Report


Rethinking your Compensation Strategy – Webinar

Join Payscale’s HR team on Tuesday, May 24th at 11 AM PDT as they discuss how to rethink and build a better compensation strategy that works for your organization.

Are You at Increased Risk for Employee Turnover in 2022

Analysis of the job market, quits rates, and average turnover by industry during the Great Reevaluation.

Let’s Talk Fair Pay Panel – Webinar

Join an expert panel for a discussion on how to have effective pay conversations, what you can do to prepare your managers, and how to adopt and drive fair pay practices within your organization.
Research Reports

2022 State of the Gender Pay Gap Report

Payscale’s 2022 gender pay gap report reveals how much women are paid compared to men with analysis by race, job level, age, education, industry, and occupation, as well as unemployment during COVID-19, with insight on how employers can help close pay gaps.

Closing the Race and Gender Pay Gaps – Webinar

With Equal Pay Day on March 15th and the release of Payscale’s annual Gender Pay Gap Report, March is the time to really dig into pay equity in your organization. Join a team of Payscale pay equity experts as they discuss key findings from the report, ways y

2022 Compensation Best Practices Panel – Webinar

Payscale’s annual Compensation Best Practices Report is hot off the press and packed with data and insights about how organizations are approaching the biggest challenges in HR and compensation. Join Bill Coleman, Chief Data Officer; Lexi Clark, Interim Head
Research Reports

2022 Compensation Best Practices Report

Payscale’s annual flagship report distills data and insights from the largest known survey on compensation management best practices to help employers refocus compensation's role in the Great Reevaluation.

Attracting and Retaining Talent during the Great Resignation Webinar

Attracting and Retaining Talent during the Great Resignation Webinar Recording The great resignation. The great reshuffling. Turnover tsunami. No matter what you call it, the truth of the matter is that bringing talent in and keeping it has never been more dif

The Pay Compression Session Webinar

The Pay Compression Session Webinar Recording Pay compression has long been a challenge for HR and compensation teams everywhere. But do you have the strategies and tools at your disposal to fight? Join Senior Compensation Analyst, Lori Lansing and CX Operatio

The Pay Equity Audit and Remediation Handbook Whitepaper

Download this whitepaper for an in-depth look at a proven method of pay equity analysis, so you can tackle pay equity within your own organization.
Research Reports

The Hottest Skills of 2021 Report

This mini report from Payscale reveals the top competitive skills that commanded pay premiums in 2021 by occupational group.