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Comp 101 – Ebook

The PayScale Index tracks quarterly changes in total cash compensation for full-time, private industry employees in the six largest metropolitan areas of Canada.

A Resilient Approach to Managing Compensation Challenges

This ebook provides an overview of the compensation challenges you will face as a compensation professional as well as how to become more strategic in your approach to compensation management.

Pay Equity Analysis Readiness Questions

This pay equity analysis worksheet will help you determine your level of readiness and gain a better understanding of considerations before conducting your own pay equity analysis.

The Future of Compensation

With permanent changes being embraced regarding the way we work, developing or improving compensation structures and pay strategies continue to challenge HR and compensation professionals.

Trends in Pay Practices

Learn how organizations are approaching variable pay and benefits as part of total rewards and how providing the right mix of compensation, benefits, and perks is key to attracting, retaining, and engaging talent.

Pay Equity and DEI Ebook

Pay Equity and DEI EBOOK The time to get diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) right in the workplace is now. According to survey data from the PayScale Compensation Best Practices Report, a large percentage of employers are uncertain if they have a gender or racial pay gap. Racism and sexism will continue...

Pay Equity by the Numbers Ebook

Dramatic changes have brought compensation inequities to the forefront of conversations for HR. Check out this eBook to learn more on how Payscale has the power to help organizations make fair decisions around pay equity in the workplace.

Reprogram Your Merit Cycle Ebook

Reprogram Your Merit Cycle Ebook The workforce is undergoing a revolution with more people working remotely and talent being spread out across the globe. This year, as organizations have had to adjust to the new norms, budgets for salary increases have had to be adjusted, showing a decline for the first time...

The Remote Work Revolution Ebook

The Remote Work Revolution Ebook Economic events have accelerated the adoption of a remote workforce—an option not previously traditional for healthcare facilities. Hospital and non-hospital facilities have had to pivot its patient-facing and non-patient facing staff to deliver care and support safely during a challenging year. Does it Matter Where Your Staff...

Acing the Remote Work Challenge in Higher Education Ebook

Acing the Remote Work Challenge in Higher Education Ebook Economic events have accelerated the adoption of a remote workforce—an option not previously traditional for higher education institutions. Universities and schools have had to pivot its student-facing and non-student-facing faculty and staff members from on-to-off campus with 10% of institutions teaching online only...

Democratizing Data Ebook

Democratizing Data Ebook Getting compensation right is more critical than ever with remote and hybrid work, pay equity, and new demands for transparency. Having access to validated pay data helps HR and compensation professionals confidently navigate all the workforce shifts that are on the rise. Making the Task of Pricing Jobs Easier...

Leading From the Front Ebook

Leading From the Front Ebook As the business landscape changes, HR and compensation teams across all industries are focused on minimizing risk, maximizing talent, and homing in on what really matters – driving business decisions that ladder up to organizational objectives. Download this ebook to learn how a strong compensation strategy is...