Europe, Are You Ready for Pay Transparency?

Webinar date: Tuesday, February 14th

With the global buzz surrounding pay transparency, and some countries going as far as to pass legislation on it, now is the time to start thinking about your philosophy and start taking action. However, pay transparency is a broad concept- so what does it entail? Why is it important? What aspects of transparency do you need to consider to get ahead of the curve?

Join Payscale’s Chief Product Evangelist, Ruth Thomas; and Payscale’s Director of Social Impact, Vicky Peakman on Tuesday, February 14th at 2 PM GMT as they discuss pay transparency and its impending impact on European organisations and their HR/Compensation teams.

They will be inviting Laura Braithwaite and Kate Merritt from Liberty Hive to share how their tech led talent platform has provided insight into candidate behaviour and changing expectations, how it led to their pay transparency campaign.

Specifically, we will cover:

  • The current pay transparency landscape and why it’s so important
  • Steps towards forming a pay transparency philosophy and plan
  • What legislation could look like in Europe and how soon it is coming