Managing European Compensation in Challenging Times

Webinar recording

The last few years have been anything but smooth sailing for HR and Compensation teams. Wind the clock back 12 months and the Great Resignation was fueling wage growth as employees sought pastures new.

With continued economic uncertainty on the horizon, Payscale's Chief Product Evangelist, Ruth Thomas, and VP of Compensation Services, Kim Taylor, will be joining forces to provide tips and best practices for managing compensation in turbulent times. Uncover the key activities you should focus on to support your business in reacting to these challenging external influences.

Join this webinar and learn how to:

  • Identify which talent creates the most value
  • Understand how to optimise compensation spend
  • Maintain pay equity and transparency
  • Leverage data for critical insights

This webinar is recommended for all Compensation and HR professionals, particularly those with a European remit.