Pay Equity

Product Guide

Pay Equity Product Guide

Compensation is a critical component of hiring and retaining employees, which goes beyond getting pay right. A true commitment to ensuring you’re paying your people fair and competitively requires an on-going analysis of pay equity that includes continuous monitoring and transparent communication to your employees.

Commitment to pay equity is not a one-and-done process
We recognize organizations want to do the right thing; however, many businesses still struggle with how to proactively build a culture of pay equity that includes regular analyses, pay transparency, and communications. Even if employees are being paid fairly at your organization, turnover can be the result if pay perception is unclear due to a lack of transparency that demonstrates your organization’s commitment to pay equity.

Learn how the Payscale Pay Equity solution helps you get pay right—for everyone:

  • Software that analyzes pay equity gaps so you can create an equal and inclusive workplace
  • Fully configurable platform to manage any level of complexity around pay equity analytics
  • Actionable insight on areas of risk at a country, business group, or job level
  • And so much more!