Recruiting and Retaining Talent through Economic Uncertainty

Webinar recording

Are you still reeling from unprecedented recruitment and retention challenges only to be confronted by an economic downturn?

HR will play a vital role in managing this economic downturn, but the dilemma caused by also simultaneously having to fill a plethora of open positions as well as retain the folks we need creates exasperating contradictions. How do you deal with a short-term economic issue without sacrificing a coherent strategy to deal with long-term labor shortages?

Join us as we speak with JD “Xpert”, Don Berman about the role HR will play in leading organizations through the predicted economic downturn and how job description technology can be used effectively to consolidate, recruit, and retain.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • What economists are predicting for 2023 and beyond.
  • The vital role HR will play in navigating organizations through the slump with an eye on long-term labor challenges.
  • 4 ways HR can help businesses adapt to the changing employee/employer dynamics and refine processes while balancing your labor cost against your most critical asset – people.
  • How job descriptions can be used as a foundation for strategic recruitment and retention.
  • Why managing job descriptions in a more impactful way can help keep organizations flexible during changing work, social and economic, environments.