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Research Reports

2023 Compensation Best Practices Report – Manufacturing Edition

Learn how manufacturing employers are responding to multiple challenges with the goal of bringing sustainable change in compensation management that will see fairer, more transparent pay as we adapt to a new landscape of work. 
Research Reports

Retention Report

Payscale shows how job sentiment characteristics such as bright future, fair pay, company culture, manager relationship, and pay transparency correlate with intent to leave a job.
Research Reports

2023 Compensation Best Practices Report – Enterprise Edition

Payscale’s 2023 Compensation Best Practices Report – Enterprise Edition highlights relevant data, employment, and compensation needs in enterprises with 1,200 employees or more.
Research Reports

2023 Gender Pay Gap Report (GPGR)

Payscale’s 2023 gender pay gap report reveals how much women are paid compared to men, both overall and controlled for job, with insight on how employers can help close pay gaps.
Research Reports

2023 Compensation Best Practices Report

Payscale’s 14th annual Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) distills data and insights from the largest known survey on compensation management best practices.
Research Reports

2022 End-of-Year Hot Jobs Report

Payscale’s 2022 End of Year Hot Jobs Report looks at the most “recession-proof jobs" in 2022 by wage growth as well as which jobs employees are “most likely to quit” based on Payscale’s employee-reported online salary survey data.
Research Reports

Essential Workers Report

How has essential worker pay changed over the last two years? What is sentiment among people who occupy these jobs? This report takes a look at wage growth for select essential worker positions that show interesting trends during the pandemic.
Research Reports

Compensation Best Practices Report

Learn how COVID-19 impacted organizations' compensation practices in 2020 and what HR leaders are doing in 2021 around compensation strategy, pay equity, and pay communications.
Research Reports

Does pay transparency close the gender pay gap?

Pay transparency has been touted as a solution to pay inequity and to close the gender pay gap. But does it work? Payscale looked at the data to find out.