Retail Store Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Store Manager?

Retail Store Manager in Melbourne:
"Retail store manager."
Pros: The power to control the sale outcomes of the store and the way the store looks.
Cons: Responsibility for over estimated and un realistic goles.

Retail Store Manager in Melbourne:
"Great responsibility comes with great expectation."
Pros: I love the challenge of it all. I love working with my team... Setting goals and smashing them. I love motivating and encouraging team members and celebrating our success. I am driven and motivated and I love the feeling of achieving success from hard work and planning.
Cons: People not on the same page. Negative people and team members who lack drive and organisation.

Retail Store Manager in Sydney:
Pros: Recruiting, mentoring, having some autonomy, power and control.
Cons: Constant people pleasing, low salary, standing for hours, body aches, customers calling/turning up before trade and especially when closing, energy draining, fueling consumerism, filling the earth with more questionably and poorly manufactured overpriced useless inevitable landfill, soulless work.

Retail Store Manager in Adel:
Pros: People management and product ect.
Cons: Inflexible standing for long hours.