Administrative Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Administrative Assistant in Brant:
"Stay Positive."
You are the first point of contact so visitors can physically see how you are representing your company/ agency and callers can hear whether or not you are smiling when you answer the phone. Stay discreet in your position and be diplomatic.

Administrative Assistant in Prince George:
"Quick Learner."
To succeed in office environment, one must be a quick learner and take detailed notes. No one likes to repeat themselves.

Administrative Assistant in Vancouver:
"Communication is key."
Ability to communicate effectively is a must. You are the navigator through different personalities and deadlines, and you will be required to meet those deadlines either in spite or because of those personalities. It's important to create a thicker skin and to maintain a healthy work life balance.

Administrative Assistant in Lethbridge:
"Working under nepotism."
Get out as soon as you find out if your boss and co-worker are related.

Administrative Assistant in Ottawa:
"Workload varies greatly."
Pros: Pay can be good, especially at the government. Decent paid vacations time. Job security / stability is fairly high. You become the center of the team (aside from the manager). Most of the time you can manager your own priorities. Cons: It can be stressful, deadlines can be incredibly short. The work atmosphere depends about 80% on your manager. If you have a good one, work will be very pleasant. If you have a bad one, coming to work will not be enjoyable. Advice: If you like paperwork, this job is for you. There is always a lot of paperwork to do. HR, budget, transactions, travels, printing, scanning, emailing.

Administrative Assistant in Edmonton:
Do not leave a unionized position for a management position.

Administrative Assistant in Winnipeg:
"No Room For Advancement."
Don't pigeon hole yourself as an Admin Asst to the point where all your employer sees you as is an Admin Asst. This results in no room for advancement.