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Design Architect
Median Salary: MXN 176,683
"Design architects generally design buildings or other structures such as statues and water fountains for their employer." 
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Design Engineer
Median Salary: MXN 295,104
"Design engineers are in charge of creating blueprints and schematics for systems, machines, and equipment." 
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General / Operations Manager
Median Salary: MXN 696,412
"General/operations managers are responsible for maintaining a business." 
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Information Technology (IT) Manager
Median Salary: MXN 666,346
"An information technology (IT) manager supervises their company's computer infrastructure and related areas of concern." 
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Marketing Manager
Median Salary: MXN 391,000
"A marketing manager is a person within a company who supervises and helps create the various advertising or merchandising sales campaigns the business uses to sell itself and its products." 
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Operations Manager
Median Salary: MXN 394,027
"Operations managers oversee their organization’s production of goods and/or services." 
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Project Engineer
Median Salary: MXN 231,642
"Project engineers oversee technical staff on engineering projects within their company, ensuring that projects are completed on schedule, within budget and within project specifications." 
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SAP Consultant
Median Salary: MXN 471,665
"SAP consultants analyze, design, and configure new computer software and systems in accordance with their employers’ or clients’ specifications, as well as write programs such as forms, specifications, and interfaces." 
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Salary Ranges for Popular Schools

Tec de Monterrey
MXN 178,800 - MXN 480,000

Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG)
MXN 371,613 - MXN 1,205,997

Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas
MXN 114,000 - MXN 390,000

Universidad de Guadalajara
MXN 192,000 - MXN 420,000

Universidad Iberoamericana
MXN 192,000 - MXN 614,000

Universidad La Salle
MXN 209,975 - MXN 562,441

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)
MXN 114,759 - MXN 364,361

Salary Ranges for Popular Degrees

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
MXN 119,465 - MXN 861,464

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
MXN 131,653 - MXN 794,804

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
MXN 135,519 - MXN 700,000

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
MXN 149,420 - MXN 730,146

Bachelor's Degree
MXN 136,015 - MXN 605,018

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance
MXN 184,675 - MXN 1,259,692

Master of Science (MS)
MXN 223,147 - MXN 793,362

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