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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Median Salary: PGK 265,000
"A chief executive officer (CEO) is someone who is in charge of an organization and normally makes the vast majority of all business related executive decisions." 
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Project Manager, Construction
Median Salary: $30,024
"A construction project manager oversees building projects." 
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Salary Ranges for Popular Schools

University of Papua New Guinea
PGK 18,003 - PGK 178,604

Salary Ranges for Popular Degrees

Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc)
PGK 48,000 - PGK 135,000

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
PGK 28,113 - PGK 145,784

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
PGK 23,693 - PGK 75,359

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
PGK 44,129 - PGK 591,795

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Accounting
PGK 129,716 - PGK 180,000

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
PGK 54,045 - PGK 102,754

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