Marketing Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Manager in Bath:
"Great location."
Pros: Easy commute
Cons: n/a

Marketing Manager in Edinburgh:
"Edinburgh great worklife balance."
Pros: beautiful city, history, great social scene, friendly people

Marketing Manager in London:
"Full on."
Pros: Energy
Cons: Commuting

Marketing Manager in Coventry:
"Lots of busy work."
Pros: You can pretty much fly under the radar and not do much if you are so inclined.
Cons: Coming from an SME background, it is very frustrating to see how inefficient the processes are here and how no one takes ownership of anything. It's also baffling how behind everything is from an infrastructure and technology perspective - I've been doing stuff for at least 5 years which is only now being introduced here. The lack of knowledgeable people is also a problem.

Marketing Manager in Cambridge:
Pros: Amount of opportunities
Cons: Not the best journeys