Account Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Coordinator?

Account Coordinator in Boca Raton:
Pros: Exposure to a lot of different aspects of the company.
Cons: I don't feel I'm paid what I am worth.

Account Coordinator in Aberdeen:
Pros: Nice area, good food.
Cons: Travel/commute, restaurants are far from work, cost of living is too high.

Account Coordinator in Washington:
Pros: The culture is a work hard, play hard mentality. It is a good environment for millennials who want to grow their digital skill set.
Cons: The stress of it. Being on call almost 24/7 for clients. Turning things around very quickly can be one benefit to see your work and strategy go from start to finish, but the stress of it takes its toll.

Account Coordinator in Providence:
Pros: Vendor relationship building.
Cons: Inventory management.

Account Coordinator in Spokane:
"Flexible Schedule, Uncompetitive Pay."
Pros: I love the people I work with, the (generally) flexible schedule, and the culture of the company.
Cons: The thing I like the least, and really the only complaint I have about my company, is how much I get paid. Which I'm sure is a popular thing to complain about, but I feel that people here aren't getting paid in line with industry standards for the type of work we're doing.

Account Coordinator in Atlanta:
Pros: Small company, flexibility, management.

Account Coordinator in Columbus:
"What im worth."
Pros: Learning new things.
Cons: Getting up early.