Account Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Coordinator?

Account Coordinator in Manchester:
"Account Coordinator."
Pros: People, flexibility, atmosphere.
Cons: Pay.

Account Coordinator in Seattle:
Pros: Perks, corporate culture, coworkers, management.
Cons: Stress level, commute time, wage.

Account Coordinator in Los Angeles:
Pros: I do flexibility with my schedule occasionally. They do provide drinks and snacks. I can wear casual clothing and the atmosphere is casual.
Cons: The company morale is very low. The employees are extremely underpaid. I have been contractor for 10 months now and I receive no benefits.

Account Coordinator in New York:
"Event production and project management."
Pros: Move up and receive high levels of ownership and responsibility quickly. Manage and receive leadership skills. Work with different clients on different projects and in different industries. Some projects are recurring and some are new. Obtain skills in various and Different fields such as with budgets, marketing and media, staffing, signage, catering, design and decor, production and operations, and much more. Able to travel for events and gain a lot of experience with personal and communication skills between team members and clients. Low key and casual work environment.
Cons: The hours are long and not always flexible as they are dependent on the projects you are on. Do not get overtime pay and work a lot of Kate hours and/or weekends (only get a cono day for a weekend event). The pay is very low.

Account Coordinator in New York:
"Great job - Many Opportunities For Growth."
Pros: Ability to learn a lot, ask many questions and shadow coworkers. Independent yet collaborative work environment for go-getters who take initiative. Great space- programmatic advertising. The role is what you make it.
Cons: Lots of moving pieces that are necessary to stay on top of. Lots of accounts to manage, which can be stressful. Role is still being defined so I sometimes feel as though I'm being pulled in several different directions at once. Great corporate culture with a youthful vibe. Ability to telecommute. Amazing office space.

Account Coordinator in Cincinnati:
"Organically Grown Family Company."
Pros: Loyal clients, great team to work with and on. Positive leadership excited for change, but a little hesitant to break away completely from parent company. Short commute. Good project management experience for myself.
Cons: Culture of a full service creative agency is still developing, agency is still learning who they are and how they differ from their parent company. Creative talent is lacking. Our clients are loyal but rely on us more for technical, adaptive work than strategic, conceptual design work.

Account Coordinator in Jackson:
"Outdoor PR."
Pros: We work with company that support the activities which I partake in. I get to support the lifestyle I live.
Cons: Little pay, small part of the actually task at hand.