Account Executive Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Account Executive in Washington:
"The business side of advertising."
Learn the numbers. Budgets and how to manage budgets are a large part of the job.

Account Executive in Calgary:
Only you are in charge of your career. No one else. Take the steps and be vocal because no one else will fight your fight for you.

Account Executive in Boston:
"Anything is possible with a little hard work!"

Account Executive in Pasadena:
"Direct Writers can kill your spirit."
Excellent training company. Crooked corporate mentality. Poor rewards and micro management .

Account Executive in Ontario:
"The company is process, not customer or sales-driven."
You need to realize that due to the evolving nature of this company's management, you'll encounter many situations where factors will come into play that will adversely effect your ability to succeed in your position and to maintain the level of income that you're accustomed to.

Account Executive in Richmond:
"Travel, work with costumer's sales fprce. Training sales peo."
Be on time to all appointments, complete all paper work/computer input your daily activities. Sale new accounts. Keep all promises you make.

Account Executive in Boston:
"Amount Of Training Available To Learn To Succeed."
Find out if there is a set of instructions or personal assistance to learn all the little things that steal your time. Also, is there someone that will handle the small stuff so big projects can be worked on.