Account Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Account Manager in Wixom:
"Stay in college."
Get all details up front.

Account Manager in Phoenix:
"Learn the solutions 3-5 at a time as Monster has over 100+"
Sit with your manager 1:1 each day on what you need to learn more on and what is working.

Account Manager in Chicago:
Be able to learn on your feet and while you will make mistakes, it is imperative to become better from them.

Account Manager in La Jolla:
"With I had taken some graphic design courses."
Start early, and get your foot in the door with a company you can grow with. Especially in large cities, sales jobs are competitive and 99.9% of them require previous experience. Pay your dues, slowly move up the sales ladder, and appreciate the early-on 'grunt' work because hitting the pavement and cold calling skills really do come in handy down the line.

Account Manager in Austin:
"Go to the right school."
The right school equals better network opportunities.

Account Manager in Redmond:
"If you except low pay you hurt us all..."
Women we're still in the dark ages; do not take less than a man would for this job. It's a lot of work and you are licensed professional. Except nothing less than equal pay for equal work.

Account Manager in Beaumont:
"Engineering is the way to make instant $"
My customers and my company need engineers, there simply are too few. They are paid top dollar and will always be in short supply.