Accountant Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Accountant?

Accountant in Silver City:
Learn to memorize things like like key business financial info and metrics.

Accountant in Oscoda:
Pros: Helping my boss cut costs while saying competitive.
Cons: When my boss doesn't take my opinions to heart or even try to see if an idea of mine will work.

Accountant in New Orleans:
"Important job."
Pros: Not needing to have constant supervision.
Cons: My boss not doing her job correctly and having me help do her job.

Accountant in Boise:
"Nothing is black and white."
Nothing is black and white.

Accountant in Redmond:
"Flexible schedule."
Pros: Flexible schedule and no micro-managing.
Cons: The atmosphere, negative attitudes, the mgmt. Not pulling their fair share of the weight.

Accountant in American Fork:
"Get an MBA CPA if you want to be an accountant."
Refer to summary. If you are the main or only provider this is no longer an option.

Accountant in Accra:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Management system is so conducive to undertake.
Cons: Yet it is helpful due to monitoring of expenses but difficult to trace loose items.