Accountant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accountant?

Accountant in Reno:
"Income, perks, work flexibility, office conditions."
Pros: I'm able to use my analytical brain.
Cons: I have to sit down most of the day.

Accountant in Hassan:
"I was not satisfied with the payscale."
Pros: Maintaing ledgers and preparing profit and loss account.
Cons: Salary was not good and the working timings will be varying always.

Accountant in Silver City:
Learn to memorize things like like key business financial info and metrics.

Accountant in Oscoda:
Pros: Helping my boss cut costs while saying competitive.
Cons: When my boss doesn't take my opinions to heart or even try to see if an idea of mine will work.

Accountant in New Orleans:
"Important job."
Pros: Not needing to have constant supervision.
Cons: My boss not doing her job correctly and having me help do her job.

Accountant in Boise:
"Nothing is black and white."
Nothing is black and white.

Accountant in Redmond:
"Flexible schedule."
Pros: Flexible schedule and no micro-managing.
Cons: The atmosphere, negative attitudes, the mgmt. Not pulling their fair share of the weight.