Accountant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accountant?

Accountant in Davis:
Pros: Easy commute.
Cons: Low salary.

Accountant in Artesia:
Cons: The small town mentality.

Accountant in West Chester:
"Go getter."
Pros: Location.
Cons: Salary.

Accountant in Jackson:
Pros: Lived here almost all my life.
Cons: Cold weather.

Accountant in Bend:
"Bend is very flexible."
Pros: I love that employers are very flexible and pet friendly.
Cons: The job market is very competitve.

Accountant in Buckhead:
"Mid career accountant."
Pros: Counting the money and analyzing it for accuracy.
Cons: No flex time.

Accountant in Omaha:
"Hoping for a happy medium: Culture vs Procedure."
Pros: The friendly atmosphere and casual culture.
Cons: The lack of organized training and lack of knowledge of other departments and their responsibilities. Top-level structure and policies are implemented but there are not necessarily consequences if mid to low-level managers don't follow those procedures.