Accountant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Accountant in Geneva:
"More information about the health care."
Be a sponge and learn everything.

Accountant in Naples:
"Additional job duties."
Set up an inventory base, excel spreadsheets, projecting future carry-forward balances.

Accountant in Salt Lake City:
"Detail, Enthusiasm, Dynamic."
Be detail-oriented. Be passionate about your work and show enthusiasm. Contribute to a dynamic workplace.

Accountant in Niles:
"Ins and out of tax preparation."
Do what you love.

Accountant in High Point:
"Find out about top pay with the company to agree to work for."
Hours during tax season, 401 k plan, sick pay or not. Get whatever you can out of the interview.

Accountant in Laurel:
"Be Happy, be open, and grow with the organization..."
Lean on God to guide you. I am successfully happy because he wanted me to do my best at whatever was before me and I choose to follow him. If your boss isn't happy, engage them, find out what to do, and then do it. Pray always, He will guide you through it all. I love that I can give my job 100% of me and then walk away at the end of the day. It is possible, if you find the job where those closest to you are happy people too. That's my secret, I associate with happy people, and try to lift those up around me always. Positive people rub off on those around them. And I seek joy in my life, actively seek joy in my Father in Heaven, and I am blessed because of this....and my other NEVER, EVER drove my passion to succeed. EVER. I love people. I love to smile. I love a happy heart. If I didn't feel the presence of Joy, I left the job. Simple as that. And my last secret. Don't go into debt for long. Plan to get out ASAP, and live with in your means.

Accountant in Silver City:
Learn to memorize things like like key business financial info and metrics.