Accountant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Accountant in Niles:
"Ins and out of tax preparation."
Do what you love.

Accountant in High Point:
"Find out about top pay with the company to agree to work for."
Hours during tax season, 401 k plan, sick pay or not. Get whatever you can out of the interview.

Accountant in Cleveland:
"I will start Imediately."
Pros: I love to work with numbers or cash and I love to work with Quick Books or Peach Tree, I qualified on both!
Cons: No comments.

Accountant in Albuquerque:
Pros: Interested in the work.

Accountant in Reno:
"Income, perks, work flexibility, office conditions."
Pros: I'm able to use my analytical brain.
Cons: I have to sit down most of the day.

Accountant in Laurel:
"Be Happy, be open, and grow with the organization..."
Lean on God to guide you. I am successfully happy because he wanted me to do my best at whatever was before me and I choose to follow him. If your boss isn't happy, engage them, find out what to do, and then do it. Pray always, He will guide you through it all. I love that I can give my job 100% of me and then walk away at the end of the day. It is possible, if you find the job where those closest to you are happy people too. That's my secret, I associate with happy people, and try to lift those up around me always. Positive people rub off on those around them. And I seek joy in my life, actively seek joy in my Father in Heaven, and I am blessed because of this....and my other NEVER, EVER drove my passion to succeed. EVER. I love people. I love to smile. I love a happy heart. If I didn't feel the presence of Joy, I left the job. Simple as that. And my last secret. Don't go into debt for long. Plan to get out ASAP, and live with in your means.

Accountant in Hassan:
"I was not satisfied with the payscale."
Pros: Maintaing ledgers and preparing profit and loss account.
Cons: Salary was not good and the working timings will be varying always.