Accounting Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Accounting Manager in Portsmouth:
"What does this have to do with salary guidelines?"
Do a salary survey first.

Accounting Manager in Kirkland:
"Take addtional HR classes."
Small business allows you great growth and learning potential.

Accounting Manager in Salisbury:
Everyone will not always like the decisions you make, however strive to be fair and honest and have earn the respect of your team and your peers. If you are liked and respected the unfavorable decisions you have to make are easier to take if your team knows that you have their back and you respect them.

Accounting Manager in Centennial:
"You'll Be A Gal."
Accounting Manager for a small company can range from AR to AP to Collections. You'll do a bit of everything including ordering supplies for the office and helping to coordinate benefits for 4 regional offices.

Accounting Manager in Rawlins:
Develop and surround yourself with staff that take pride in their work, can work independently and as a team player, and take initiative to improve processes.

Accounting Manager in Los Angeles:
"How stressful it is."
Be very organized.

Accounting Manager in Tulsa:
"Very Time Sensitive Job; Weeks Require No Vacation."
Need to be detail oriented and driven to success. Stress level is high to meet deadlines and forecasts and goals, but very rewarding also.