Accounting Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounting Specialist?

Accounting Specialist in Klamath Falls, Oregon:
"Small town with limited opportunites."
Pros: My home town for the last 18 years
Cons: Small town with limited opportunites

Accounting Specialist in Cedar Falls:
"Profit shaing."
Health insurance could be ALOT better along with vacaiton time that is WAY behind the standard norm.

Accounting Specialist in Worcester:
"Traffic and commute are not bad."
Pros: I like how close it is to my house but is still the city.
Cons: Its dirty and there are a lot of people begging for money at all the stop lights.

Accounting Specialist in Delray Beach:
"Insurance business."
Research company you are applying for.

Accounting Specialist in Turnersville:
"Not Satisfying."
Do not get into the car dealership business.

Accounting Specialist in Alpharetta:
"No annual review. No chance for advancement or raise."
This job can be extremely stressful. You need to pay close attention to detail, follow up on any issues. Develop strong relationships with your vendors. Be honest with your vendors if you have trouble paying bills within terms. Don't ever tell someone the check is in the mail if it isn't. You will lose all credibility if you do. Make sure you have an email trail when there are any problems.

Accounting Specialist in Myrtle Beach:
"Accounting specialist."
Handle share drafts. Accounts payable. Returned checks. Account reconciliations. GL reconciliations. Balance.