Adjunct Professor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Adjunct Professor?

Adjunct Professor in Strongsville:
"Help Improve Someone's Life."
Pros: The students.
Cons: Low pay, no benefits for adjunct.

Adjunct Professor in San Jose:
"Very fulfilling."
Pros: Culture
Cons: Traffic/cost of living

Adjunct Professor:
Love the job. Love the environment. Love the coworkers. Love the students. Everything is wonderful there except they do not pay adjuncts well and they do not have a way - it appears - to ever give them a raise.

Adjunct Professor in Saint Leo:
"Love your job and it’s not work."
Pros: I love teaching students how to make better health choices!
Cons: Not knowing if I have a job to return to every semester because it is based on enrollment.

Adjunct Professor in Valrico:
"Rewarding, but not in a monetary sense."
Pros: I love the connections with students, and the availability of collective knowledge, and the ability to build my own syllabus.
Cons: No stability. Don't know my schedule from semester to semester.