Administrative / Office Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Administrative / Office Manager in Irvine:
"The Success of a WM Office Manager."
Because you are the face of the company, it is critical to engage with each client as a friendly professional by providing exceptional customer service. This occurs when you treat each person as if they are the only person you are helping while still staying very aware of the needs of those in the office at the time, externally and internally. Your knowledge of the all facets of the office is beneficial to running a smooth front desk and administrative office. If you don't have an answer, make sure you find one and assure the visitor or employee finding the answer is your primary, immediate goal. Use excellent communication and live by the motto, "the customer is always right." Organization is another absolute necessity when handling a busy office and ensuring things to run smoothly. Communication both verbally and written are primary skills that will be relied upon as well as required to serve with a positive, informative and efficient attitude.

Administrative / Office Manager in Millington:
"Feast or Famine."
The jobs you take in the military vary greatly from position to position. It's nearly impossible to give an accurate portrayal of any two people's experiences since there is literally hundreds of thousands of jobs world wide. Early on it will be painful, but it will give you skills and income that rival any Fortune 500 Company should you get out at the right time.

Administrative / Office Manager in Honolulu:
Negotiate for the highest pay possible since raises are difficult to obtain.

Administrative / Office Manager in Fayetteville:
"Work smarter not harder."
Don't reinvent the wheel...if it works don't fix it. Customer service with a smile.

Administrative / Office Manager in Shreveport:
Be alert, keep up to date on what you do.

Administrative / Office Manager in Greensboro:
"Accuracy before speed."
Accuracy and attention to detail are keys to success, but not micro-managing.

Administrative / Office Manager in Johannesburg:
"•Share your knowledge about the daily responsibilities, care."
Make your self available to learn always as the sky is the limit and make yourself employable.