Administrative / Office Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Administrative / Office Manager in Charleston:
"How far can I go."
Be flexible. Listen to what is and is not said. Be fair and balanced. Lead by example.

Administrative / Office Manager in Brattleboro:
"Create clear boundaries."
Before joining any start up or not for profit, be sure you understand the needs of the organization and set boundaries on your time and resources. Frequently update your list of accomplishments and reassess your value to the success of the organization. Track changes in expectations and acquired skills.

Administrative / Office Manager in North Billerica:
Learn the skills of the job and then train your staff and delegate quickly.

Administrative / Office Manager in Ogden:
"General management/emission/safty cert/general accounting."
To do you your job thoroughly and to the best of your abilities.

Administrative / Office Manager in Oklahoma City:
"Education is everything."
Please educate yourself in your areas of expertise. (Certifications, degrees, etc.) You need to know all of the guidelines, processes, procedures and stay current on any and all changes in your field that may affect you or your employer.

Administrative / Office Manager in Taunton:
"3 jobs in one, paid for one."
Get a list of all responsibilities before accepting position.

Administrative / Office Manager in New Jersey:
"Keep getting more work to where it's becoming overwhelming."
There is no place to go up the ladder, getting better instructions on the new program. Learn to say no when it's not your job and keeps you frome completing your own job.