Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Denver:
"Office Management."
Pros: My position is recognized for its assistance to the organization as a whole and my questions and concerns are very welcome. I am learning quickly how to perform my job and believe that growth will continue to occur.
Cons: Much of the work is redundant, the clients themselves can be annoying, and the pay is very low.

Administrative Assistant in Chatham:
"Know The Career Path Opportunities Within The Company."
Know the facts. Don't listen to maybe promises. Do your best but know your limits. Ability to say no. Stand up for yourself when male co workers are demeaning. Understand the job requirements and for how many people you are required to do work.

Administrative Assistant in Nashville:
"Research Assistant."
Pros: People, flexibility.
Cons: Salary.

Administrative Assistant in San Angelo:
"The WTRC Blessing."
WTRC truly believes and practices their mission. We serve patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Administrative Assistant in Sioux Falls:
"More About How Raises Were Given."
It is not always the person with the most education that gets the job and the higher pay, but sometimes experience goes a long way.

Administrative Assistant in Eastman:
Pros: I like the flexibility the most. I am able to work without the confines of a deadline when I first start on a project.
Cons: My boss waits until the last minute to approve projects/ads. He adds to my stress level. There are no benefits at all. Not even vacation or paid time off. No insurance or holiday pay. No raises unless you beg and sometimes not then.

Administrative Assistant in Oklahoma City:
"It's A Good Title, However, You Have To Be Happy In Your Job."
Pros: The independence.
Cons: Gossip, no pay raises, no dental, no 401K, nothing to advance to.