Administrative Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Administrative Assistant in Skokie:
"Daily responsibilities of job."
Obtain all responsibilities of job in writing.

Administrative Assistant in Littlefield:
"Great people but I want what I deserve."
Pros: Fun people to work with.
Cons: No recognition or raise but always added duties.

Administrative Assistant in Huntsville:
"Able to show I am a multitask person."
Pros: Not being the same every day. Work with minimal supervision.
Cons: Stressful. A lot of responsibilities.

Administrative Assistant in Los Angeles:
"Room For Growth."
If you are interested in moving up in the company, is there room to grow. Are there openings for moving within the company. Are you compensated for education related to your job or compensated for education for upper level positions. How often do you get a raise and is it comprable to other jobs in the area.

Administrative Assistant in Riverside:
"Accommodating customers to work schedules."
Pros: Friendly customers and work environment overall. I like to interact with my peers and make decisions when no one else is too sure on what they should or shouldn't do.
Cons: The pay. It's hard to get around week by week on the pay that I receive for the amount of work I do.

Administrative Assistant in Minneapolis:
"Find a Mentor."
In most environments, I feel, it is important to have guidance and or a mentor in your field. I find work challenging due to not having a mentor or direction. A degree only goes so far.

Administrative Assistant in Salem:
"It's all about serving."
Pros: I love people or more accurately I love serving people. My position give me a great opportunity to serve every one around me. From upper management to our clients, I get to work with everyone therefore I get serve everyone.
Cons: It's easy to miss lunch or any break for that matter while helping everyone. 10 or 12 hour day can be made even longer by a barely there meal or a skipped meal.