Administrative Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Administrative Assistant in Arlington:
"That I would get no respect."
Look for ways to advance.

Administrative Assistant in Los Angeles:
"Room For Growth."
If you are interested in moving up in the company, is there room to grow. Are there openings for moving within the company. Are you compensated for education related to your job or compensated for education for upper level positions. How often do you get a raise and is it comprable to other jobs in the area.

Administrative Assistant in Minneapolis:
"Find a Mentor."
In most environments, I feel, it is important to have guidance and or a mentor in your field. I find work challenging due to not having a mentor or direction. A degree only goes so far.

Administrative Assistant in Dallas:
"Multi-tasking vs. Focus."
Be prepared physically and mentally. Come to work rested. Establish priorities and eliminate distractions.

Administrative Assistant in Fort Wayne:
Make your job your--take ownership. Always be ready to stretch yourself and be sure you are completely dependable.

Administrative Assistant in Aiken:
"Are there opportunities for advancement?"
Make sure your job have an upward trajectory and isn't stagnant. If there are opportunities for advancement, please take advantage of them. Be prepared to say no in a million different ways. Demand nothing less than excellence. Check, check, and triple check all of your work, especially the routine projects.

Administrative Assistant in Clearwater:
An Administrative Assistant is more than just a simple secretary. You are the backbone of the company. You are the first to be seen by Clients, customers, vendors, etc.; you are the first to be heard (on the phone) by the same group of people. Though your job description might not say so, you support every single department within your company from tasks such as ensuring that the office retains the supplies needed to function, to making flight and hotel accommodations for your superiors, to creating and maintaining spreadsheets used for budgeting company expenses. Your role will allow you to obtain experience and gain knowledge of various disciplines, thereby, opening doors to further your career. Whereas your co-workers may be specialists in their one specific field, you will become of master of many.