Administrative Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Administrative Assistant in Mobile:
"Salary Negotiation."
Negotiate your pay before taking the position.

Administrative Assistant in Hermitage:
"Care to Treat Others As You Want to be Treated."
Don't settle to not go beyond your job title and not care enough to research and find out things more. Don't accept no for an answer unless you have tried everything. Learn to speak up and ask questions if you don't know. Be professional but not stuffy. Always make sure to speak positive and do your job with excellence, because in the long run your quality of work will get noticed. Know about the company you work for which will help you to know how to interact and work with the clients and the board of directors.

Administrative Assistant in Atlanta:
"Be flexible and level-headed."
Don't be afraid to ask questions and admit that you don't know something. Reach out to everyone around you in order to efficiently problem-solve. It's going to be a team effort but you've got to be the person directing the journey. Be pro-active. Don't be afraid to delegate; if someone else can do it better than you or if you need help then you shouldn't hesitate to ask.

Administrative Assistant in Cincinnati:
"That there really was no advancement. High turnover rate."
There is a high turnover rate within the company. You will have to apply for a promotion several times before you will receive one.

Administrative Assistant in Rockville:
"Organization is key to success in this position."
Be willing to learn, and flexibility is a must. Also, further your education for advancement.

Administrative Assistant in Longwood:
"Ability to advance."
Determine in advance the policy on pay based on experience and work load. My current employer does not do annual reviews or raises.

Administrative Assistant in Oklahoma City:
"Pay scale."
I wish I knew that I was worth more money than what I have settled for.