Administrative Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Administrative Assistant in Virginia Beach:
"I had known what a great team environment it was."
Do your best and do not be afraid to ask questions.

Administrative Assistant in New York:
"Does not pay well."
Do not plan to make a career out of working here.

Administrative Assistant in Houma:
"Public scrutiny."
Treat all customers with dignity and respect. Always follow up. Do not be embarrassed to say you don't know; but always research the answer and get back to the customer. Rule No. 1: The Boss is always right. Rule No. 2: When the boss is wrong, refer o Rule No. 1.

Administrative Assistant in Lebanon:
"A degree is important for promotion."
Be active in following through on tasks. Ask plenty of questions. Find out why things are done a specific way, it may be important!

Administrative Assistant in Waukon:
"Perks and valuable skills."
You must have great communication skills. You need to know the Building Contractors in the area along with real estates businesses. Knowing the townships in the County is a must. Know the setbacks for building structures. Computers skills with data entry a must.

Administrative Assistant in Chicago:
"Multi-tasking is not a good idea."
Although it cannot always be helped, try not to multi-task. It is too distracting and you have a bigger chance of making errors.

Administrative Assistant in Honolulu:
"Need to be flexible and assertive, as necessary."
Work hard and do more than your share. Always look for opportunities to learn new things.