Administrative Assistant Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Administrative Assistant in Austin:
"Be Prepared To Wear Many Hats."
This position is a high level administrative assistant position. It is not entry level. As the administrative assistant here, you will be expected to take on responsibilities that span every department. You must be comfortable with flexibility in your job description and with operating under quick deadlines while maintaining efficiency and accuracy.

Administrative Assistant in Atlanta:
"That It Was Not Going To Be A Telecommute."
Make sure this is something that you plan on enjoying and that your skill set is strong.

Administrative Assistant in Portland:
"Office admin."
Pros: Assisting/helping my manager with admin tasks. Learning new systems, meeting new people.
Cons: Systems that are not working well.

Administrative Assistant in Clear Lake:
"Work Flexibility, Work Hours, Paid Time-Off."
Pros: The hours and flexibility.
Cons: Atmosphere, bad attitudes, no management.

Administrative Assistant in Laurel:
"Is It Worth It?"
Pros: It's flexible, I get to work from home.
Cons: Not enough money.

Administrative Assistant in Texas City:
"I Love My Job, Stress Can Be High At Times, Enjoy The People."
Pros: I like the diversity of tasks, helping others. Training others.
Cons: The stress of deadlines when no one will back me up.

Administrative Assistant in Houston:
Pros: I love the people I work directly with. Coming on to this position there was no job description. I feel like I have gone above and beyond the expectation that was set for me.
Cons: The pay, I strongly believe I should be making more than I currently am. I constantly work from home without getting paid for it!