Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Keene:
"Administrative Assistant."
Pros: Coworkers, tasks, vendor and customer engagement.
Cons: Hours, low pay salary, lack of overtime,

Administrative Assistant in Glendale:
"Working with a strong caracter person."
Pros: I like beacause iam able to learn new things.
Cons: Working with a bad character person.

Administrative Assistant in Fergus Falls:
"Communicator, flexible work, good work team."
Pros: People I get to help.
Cons: People call you 24/7 on home and cell.

Administrative Assistant in San Antonio:
"Medical Administrative Assistant."
Pros: The work is very flexible, low stress level, perks, management involvement, constant feedback, friendliness of the staff and physician, ability to cross train.
Cons: The pay is below average for this position.

Administrative Assistant in Chicago:
"Daily Operations."
Learn what you need to know to make your boss successful in their day to day activities, thereby making you an essential part of their task. Their job satisfaction is directly related to yours whether you want it to be or not. Make yourself invaluable to their needs and be able to amend their weakness with your strengths.

Administrative Assistant in Hutchinson:
"Decent Money For Common Sense Work."
Pros: I am always doing different tasks so I don't get bored but they aren't so different that I feel in over my head.
Cons: The stress when a deadline for one task is getting close and other tasks are put on my desk that need done first, throwing off my whole schedule so I have to rush through them all to get them done on time.

Administrative Assistant in Port Lavaca:
Learn to multi task, ask questions, continued education, be a team player.