Administrative Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Manager?

Administrative Manager in Inglewood:
"Product knowledge."
Hire the right people for the right positions.

Administrative Manager in El Paso:
"Financial Security."
Daily responsibilities fluctuate and it is extremely fast paced. You have to be organized to make sure that you don't miss anything because it can directly affect customer and their billing etc. Double checking work is crucial to ensure accuracy. It can be very stressful but key is to move only as fast ad you feel comfortable to avoid human errors in trying to accomplish too much in little time.

Administrative Manager in Oklahoma City:
"Plenty of opportunity."
Pros: Most businesses are family oriented.
Cons: There base wages are lower than most states.

Administrative Manager in Fredericksburg:
You wear many hats. Be prepared to step in to just about any job request with out hesitation.

Administrative Manager in Moline:
"Surround yourself with talent."
Make sure you have the support team that has the ability to execute in their areas of expertise. Success comes from the hard work and dedication of those around you.

Administrative Manager in Detroit:
"Obtain highest degree at an early age, know your career path."
Build a positive rapport with your staff, they will trust your judgement. Keep office moral at a high level with incentives and empower them to become familiar with the company and the goals set for the future. Have an open door policy for your staff to discuss concerns or share new ideas.

Administrative Manager in New York:
"Not my favorite thing."
Pros: People I work with are nice and respectful. I love doing research, when I update the website it makes me feel like I really know what I'm doing. It is not a stressful environment most of the time.
Cons: I get bored from doing nothing. I feel like I should be doing something else. This job doesn't inspire me and there is no room to grow.