Job Description for Applications Engineer

Applications engineers work in many different industries and create, implement and maintain computer applications and software tailored to an organization's or customer's needs. This can be done by either modifying current software or completely designing a new project. Application engineers' work environments are generally in an office setting with much of their time spent in front of a computer testing and writing software. They may also work with teams of other engineers that break apart a large task into smaller ones for easier manageability, and they will usually have a manager that they work under. The industries that employ application engineers range from healthcare and finance, to sales and marketing, so there are many types of career options for application engineers. Banks hire them to create online banking applications for their customers and mechanical industries can hire them to program large machines for production.

Applications Engineer Tasks
  • Support in the design, development and modification of computer applications and programs.
  • Write technical specifications to design or redesign computer solutions.
  • Participate in overall systems testing.

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Applications Engineer Job Listings

Key Stats for Applications Engineer

1-4 years

Years of Experience

1-4 years

Common Health Benefits

medical benefits
Medical: 100%
dental benefits
Dental: 100%
vision benefits
Vision: 100%
no benefits