Architectural Intern Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Architectural Intern?

Architectural Intern:
No bonuses, very hard to get promoted and Poor salary review increases. Good environment, very nice people, nice place and technology. Fair benefits. Good start if you want to gain experience or you want to be stable.

Architectural Intern in Knoxville:
Pros: Not too big, not too small. Good transit system considering its size. Good food. Climate.
Cons: The work outside of the city is rarely sustainable.

Architectural Intern in Stevens Point:
"It's all good."
Pros: It's not a large city. There are a lot of amenities for a small town.
Cons: Travel. I have to drive for 30 minutes each way.

Architectural Intern in Bozeman:
"Passionately Optimistic."
Pros: The work is creative and different every day. I enjoy making our clients happy and we do make a difference in peoples lives- however design has more potential to do so than our firm is currently capable of. I am constantly learning more about my profession because I get to work directly with our principal architect. It is only stressful about 5% of the time. The management is laid back. Because I work in a small firm I get to do a lot of tasks that are not usually given to a junior architect. Looking forward to continuing to learn more and get licensed in about 18 months.
Cons: School didn't teach me enough. Professors are living in la-la land so I don't feel like my education should have taken so long to achieve, nor is it worth the cost. Since junior architects learn nothing in school they are not very valuable to their employers until they gain experience. The worst thing about my job is how much I get paid. After spending 6 years in college to earn the degree I need to be an architect I feel I should be making at least 40K a year if now 50K. At this rate I will be paying off my student loans forever. Also working in a small firm our only benefit is flexible hours, free coffee and beer. No paid leave, no 401K, no medical benefits.