Assembler Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Assembler?

Assembler in Skokie:
Pros: I get to assemble car parts, plus they have great benefits!
Cons: The pay is not good enough, considering I have to assembler and inspect jobs every wk.

Assembler in Vernon:
"Great healthcare."
Pros: Job is fun! Fairly easy to accomplish. Great benefits!
Cons: Too many complaints!

Assembler in Oxford:
"Teamwork makes the dream work."
Pros: My Co-Workers are amazing people. My Boss is great. I work overtime whenever I want. I can go help the Tomahawk group if I want, and I can assist the Press as well if I need more hours. I know a lot of what I do & I'm very comfortable.
Cons: We get laid off at times because of issues with machining. Which kills my checks. We often get off to early too because we hit our #.

Assembler in Munnsville:
Pros: How constant the work is. I am occupied most of the time which makes the day go by faster. Enjoyed helping others.
Cons: I wouldn't say too much bad comes with the job.

Assembler in Kings Mountain:
"The people."
Pros: The people and the work conditions and the hours.
Cons: The pay.

Assembler in Woodland:
"Working hard."
Pros: Consistent work.
Cons: Nothing.

Assembler in Oak Ridge:
"Know your customer."
Must be knowledgeable about company goals. Must be able to read micrometers, calipers, height gauge ets.