Assistant Buyer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Assistant Buyer?

Assistant Buyer in Reading:
"Ok, my boss is not willing to teach, but 8 have seen other buyers teach their assistants."
Pros: Seeing new product lines and evaluating sales
Cons: Boss

Assistant Buyer in Milwaukee:
Pros: Interacting with people
Cons: Pay

Assistant Buyer in Columbia:
"Nice City."
Pros: Low housing costs.
Cons: Not much racial diversity.

Assistant Buyer in Seattle:
Pros: Close proximity to outdoor activities. Great food/restaurants and culture.
Cons: Rent/housing market is very expensive. Traffic is bad.

Assistant Buyer in Dallas:
"City culture, cost of living, food,"
Pros: Big city. Lots of things to do.

Assistant Buyer in Auckland:
"Cruisey days picking fabrics."
Pros: Relaxed, not high pressure.
Cons: Rude sales people or customers.

Assistant Buyer in Issaquah:
"Great Culture."
Pros: Challenging yet supportive culture. All levels of management adhere to the Costco core values.
Cons: Approval processes sometimes hinder our flexibility as a company.