Assistant Manager, Fast Food Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Assistant Manager, Fast Food?

Assistant Manager, Fast Food in Lakewood:
"Pretty great."
Pros: My coworkers and my customers, they make the job enjoyable.
Cons: The pay isn’t livable.

Assistant Manager, Fast Food:
This is a good entry-level job for a college graduate who wants to hone in on their management and people skills. You will gain more experience versus compensation in this position which is a great stepping stone to the start of your professional career, whether it'd be with Subway or a different franchise or company.

Assistant Manager, Fast Food in Electra:
"Busy and a little stressful."
Pros: My customer
Cons: How little I get paid

Assistant Manager, Fast Food:
The level of pay we receive for the amount of stress and lack of true work life balance is not worth it, at least at the Portland locations. Raises for managers are rare and minuscule if you do receive on.

Assistant Manager, Fast Food in Midland:
"No medical/dental that is affordable."
don't have one

Assistant Manager, Fast Food in Sullivan:
"The long hours."
Be prepared to spend majority of time at work.

Assistant Manager, Fast Food in Marlboro:
Pros: The people are nice we get some free food easy job tasks.
Cons: The boss is an ass. The store is dirty. Customers are rude.