Assistant Property Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Assistant Property Manager?

Assistant Property Manager in Los Angeles:
Pros: I learn alot because the company is small.
Cons: I don't like the Korean politics.

Assistant Property Manager in San Jose:
Pros: I enjoy a flexible schedule and casual work environment. I get along well with my direct co-workers and my boss.

Assistant Property Manager in Fort Lauderdale:
"Pay sucks."
Pros: Free food.
Cons: The pay.

Assistant Property Manager in Dallas:
"Very confident and passionate."
Pros: Marketing, benefits, and ability to put smiles on faces with the simplest task.
Cons: Inability to not meet the residents needs and complete all day to day scheduled task.

Assistant Property Manager in Chicago:
"I like property management."
Pros: Something new every day, literally!
Cons: Almost serve as a customer complaint department for tenants.

Assistant Property Manager in Birmingham:
"Meeting people and taking care of their homes."
Pros: Helping people find and maintain a place to call home.
Cons: Stress, micromanagement, culture, expectations.

Assistant Property Manager in Elk Grove:
"Interesting to say the least."
Pros: How different things are on a daily. Helping people find the perfect home. The people I work with. I have great property managers.
Cons: Declining applications, evictions, management, lots & lots of work. Stress.