Assistant Property Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Assistant Property Manager?

Assistant Property Manager in Elk Grove:
"Interesting to say the least."
Pros: How different things are on a daily. Helping people find the perfect home. The people I work with. I have great property managers.
Cons: Declining applications, evictions, management, lots & lots of work. Stress.

Assistant Property Manager in San Antonio:
"Assistant Property Manager."
Pros: Working with the public, Flexibility.
Cons: Working with the public.

Assistant Property Manager in Washington:
"Corporate culture, opportunity for advancement."
Pros: Challenging and rewarding; many opportunities.
Cons: Stressful; isolating;

Assistant Property Manager in Houston:
"Annual Review."
Pros: The environment is small. And family oriented. We all work as a team when deadlines are to be kept.
Cons: Gossiping and personal information is leaked out.