Associate Attorney Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Associate Attorney?

Associate Attorney in West Palm Beach:
"Great Weather."
Pros: The weather is great; typically 80 degrees.
Cons: The urban squalor due to the amount of apparently ineffective drug rehab facilities in the area.

Associate Attorney in Richmond:
Pros: accessible
Cons: nothing

Associate Attorney in Northport:
"Born and raised in Northport."
Pros: commute, where i want to be
Cons: my pay

Associate Attorney in Staten Island:
Pros: Easy commute, cordial lawyers, respectful judges.
Cons: Small opportunities to grow, all your clients know someone you know.

Associate Attorney in New York:
Pros: Easy commute. Competitive salaries. Interesting work.
Cons: Expensive. Big firm employment is incredibly difficult to secure without contacts.

Associate Attorney in New York:
Pros: Variety of projects, interactions with people across university, intellectual challenges, solving problems, advising and providing legal guidance. Flexibility, 4 day weeks during the summer, regular hours.
Cons: Poor management, no support or mentorship, treated as a "junior" even though I have at least 20 years of experience in the working world. Poor division of labor, incredibly dysfunctional intake system, poor communication between leadership and staff, hoarding of knowledge and keeping me in the dark about decisions that affect me.

Associate Attorney in San Diego:
"Okay. Small job market all around."
Pros: It's San Diego.
Cons: Salary does not always receive the same premium as the cost of living.