Associate Product Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Associate Product Manager?

Associate Product Manager in Santa Monica, California:
Pros: Seeing the ocean everyday.
Cons: Cost

Associate Product Manager:
There are a lot of great people working at CommerceHub, and they are willing and able to tackle the biggest problems facing Brands in e-commerce. The Executive team's inability to align on a winning strategy and make the most of the considerable talent at the company creates some dissatisfaction among the workforce.

Associate Product Manager in Pleasanton:
"You get to create and design product!"
Pros: I love this job. My daily interactions vary from Dev, QA, UX, Customers, Sales and my own team. No day is the same as a previous day and we're constantly put in front of many challenges. Best of all, I get to use my brain. This can be a positive in job satisfaction but also leaves you exhausted at the end of the day.
Cons: The worst part is the long commute to work and the pay.

Associate Product Manager in Webster:
"I love it but feel it's time to grow."
Pros: I love being around people an can resolve most situations with ease calmly and knowledge. With ev1 leaving with a smile. I love fast pass work and challenge so to fight to make bonus with fellow management is a motivation for me. Other then financially needing to grow I'm happy but am up for any challenge!
Cons: Fast food industry is tough business. With minimal pay you end up with minimal workers which in turn falls on management that now are working 2-3 jobs just to make it happen and get through the the shift by any means the best way possible and isn't even acknowledged. I put my all in everything. It's nice to hear it instead of only what's not right for corporate. Some of us take pride in our stores and do whatever it takes and sometimes there's a lil thing I call breaking bread.