Attorney / Lawyer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Attorney / Lawyer?

Attorney / Lawyer in Athens:

Attorney / Lawyer in Anchorage:
Pros: My colleagues are fantastic people.
Cons: I work extremely long hours and am away from my husband a lot.

Attorney / Lawyer in Crown Point:
Pros: Challenge, Diversity of Responsibilities and Work Performed/Clients Represented, Trials, Mediation, Direct Interaction and Decision Making with Clients, Collaborative Team Environment.
Cons: Support staff, lack of technology and progression of firm management, lack of availability of managing partner, micromanagement of some tasks and clients.

Attorney / Lawyer in Houston:
"Corporate culture."
Pros: Work with legal cases/counseling.

Attorney / Lawyer in Houston:
Pros: Get to do a lot of different things in a day.
Cons: Very tedious, end up babysitting a lot.

Attorney / Lawyer in Aurora:
"Stress and lower pay than expected."
Pros: Complex, but much easier once you get into the swing of everything. The people are personable and the wins feel great.
Cons: The losses feel terrible. Even in a field where, by definition, one side loses every time, there is an extreme stress to NEVER lose. Three wins can't get you to sleep if you have one loss. Combine that with the fact that significant vacation and great pay are pipe dreams in the current economy.

Attorney / Lawyer in Salt Lake City:
"Being A Lawyer Can Be As Great As You Decide To Make It."
Pros: You can be as good as you are willing to be. If you really delve in and prepare your case well, surprisingly, you will be ahead of most other lawyers.
Cons: Sometimes you have to deal with some of the worst human beings you may ever encounter, and I'm not talking about your clients.