Attorney / Lawyer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Attorney / Lawyer in Atlanta:
"Federal Acquisition Regulation, Small Business Administratio."
Work for the Government, join the military or some other not for profit to start out. The military provides excellent litigation training, and in particular, the Army and Air Force provide training in Government contracts and environmental law. Other Government agencies have good internship programs that typically lead to a job at the GS-13 (about $121K/yr) for a Government job.

Attorney / Lawyer in Minneapolis:
"Could be temporary, or semi-permanent."
Be flexible. Be prepared for temporary periods of unemployment and underemployment if you do document review. Also check to see what your state's overtime rules are and if you are considered exempt, or not, from those rules. Some agencies won't pay OT until you've worked 48 hours/week. Register with several agencies. Don't jump ship unless necessary, or you may not be 're-hired. Most agencies have 6-month non-competition agreements with each other. Be prepared to work for long stretches on a computer, in a crowded environment. Self-motivation and regulation is a must!

Attorney / Lawyer in New York:
"Cultivate relationships."
Take time to connect with mentors, colleagues, classmates, and others to form a support network. Don't waste your time at a firm that does not offer a supportive environment.

Attorney / Lawyer in Jacksonville:
No client, boss or opposing counsel is worth your license. Work hard. Be honest. Find a life balance.

Attorney / Lawyer in Irvine:
This job is more stressful than anyone is going to be able to adequately explain to you. And you ARE going to work for one or more moral degenerates if you chose to become an attornry. It's a given.

Attorney / Lawyer in Leesburg:
Find a good mentor. Take every opportunity possible to learn as much as you can.

Attorney / Lawyer in Camarillo:
"Don't do it."
Don't do it.