Attorney / Lawyer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Attorney / Lawyer in New York:
"Cultivate relationships."
Take time to connect with mentors, colleagues, classmates, and others to form a support network. Don't waste your time at a firm that does not offer a supportive environment.

Attorney / Lawyer in Jacksonville:
No client, boss or opposing counsel is worth your license. Work hard. Be honest. Find a life balance.

Attorney / Lawyer in Irvine:
This job is more stressful than anyone is going to be able to adequately explain to you. And you ARE going to work for one or more moral degenerates if you chose to become an attornry. It's a given.

Attorney / Lawyer in Leesburg:
Find a good mentor. Take every opportunity possible to learn as much as you can.

Attorney / Lawyer in Camarillo:
"Don't do it."
Don't do it.

Attorney / Lawyer in Chicago:
"Know What You Want."
Ideally only get into law if you have a specific plan and know exactly what you want to do. At the very least explore the real intricacies of the different areas of law prior to law school to get as close as you can to what you want in law school to focus on.

Attorney / Lawyer in Arcadia:
"Family Law Attorney."
Most of the time you will be dealing with people's emotions which is very draining. Learn to listen since most clients want someone to listen to them. Learn to listen to the judge, instead of taking notes. Don't be afraid of going to trial, the more you do the better you will become.