Automotive Technician Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Automotive Technician in Doylestown:
"Flat Rate Technicians."
Formulate a plan B as you traverse the years.

Automotive Technician in Tulsa:
Patience is a virtue. Always persevere.

Automotive Technician in Hudson:
"Technician life."
Make sure you have a plan and open channel for communication with whom ever is in charge of reviews and such.

Automotive Technician in Columbia:
"All the stress."
Find out the pay first.

Automotive Technician in Columbus:
Don't expect a raise after getting 1 or 2 ASEs.

Automotive Technician in Miramar:
"Govt wage vs outside wages -Broward County."
Keep up with Techknowolgy.

Automotive Technician in Kirkland:
"Consider the the cost."
I have done well for myself over the last ten years as a technician. Hard work, attention to detail and caring for your customers are most important. The other thing to remember is that all your friends and family become your best friends just remember you can say No. Work in the field wears on your body. Standing all day, back problems develop a reliance on ibeprophen. Tool costs do add up if you work at a shop that you provide a large amount of the tools. There is always a new car with new specialty tools. The fear of getting behind technology is always a challenge to keep up. You need to enjoy providing a service and have your reputation on the line everyday with every nut and bolt you touch.