Bar Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Bar Manager?

Bar Manager in Grand Rapids:
Pros: All types of different people and places.
Cons: Downtown parking.

Bar Manager in Lakeland:
"A struggle in a poor area."
Pros: Paying my bills
Cons: It’s a very poor town

Bar Manager in South Burlington:
"Large community of great people."
Pros: People are friendly and always help each other out.
Cons: Pay rate verses cost of living.

Bar Manager in Fort Worth:
"That there will always be unhappy people."
Even if you do everything right you can still lose the battle.

Bar Manager in Bonita Springs:
"Love The Commute."
Pros: I live practically less than a mile away from work..

Bar Manager in Bristol:
Run your restaurant by the book set standards and hold everyone accountable.

Bar Manager in Philadelphia:
Pros: Getting to know lots of friendly people.
Cons: Being there for so long and you customers you like start to die off.