Bartender Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Bartender?

Bartender in Cedar Rapids:
"Great place to bartend and retire from, seeing they have benefits."
Pros: Meeting new people daily and creating a bond with them.
Cons: The tip out from servers is very low and no team work ethic with management and other employees

Bartender in Patchogue:
Pros: There's a lot around to do and to eat within walking distance.
Cons: There are too many other bars.

Bartender in Miami:
Pros: Multi-cultural co- workers costumer variety of food and spirits.
Cons: Underpaid manager abuse of power lack of human sense.

Bartender in Vineland:
Stay positive! People will get on your nerves but that's just the nature of "serving" people. Also, you must have a thick skin! Give the jokes right back to the customer, in a positive way - showing YOU are in control. Lastly is that, you must possess the control of your bar at all times! Oh, and have fun!! :)

Bartender in Richmond:
"Behind the Zinc."
Pros: Nice customers with steady restaurant business.
Cons: Competative field with employees changing jobs all the time.