Bookkeeper Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Bookkeeper in Staten Island:

Bookkeeper in Sumter:
"Never Accept A Insufficient Salary or Benefit Plan."
Do not accept a job you are overqualified for because they will quickly see your value and add to your job duties. However your salary will never be re-considered. Always get vacation, benefits, overtime pay and holiday benefits in writing.

Bookkeeper in Lafayette:
An organized filing system, either electronic or paper, and routinely updating files for receivables/payables is essential. Getting behind on keeping files organized will cause unnecessary stress.

Bookkeeper in Portland:
"High stress levels."
Get as much education as you can in as many areas as you can.

Bookkeeper in Marriottsville:
It's very repetative, working with a for the majority younger, immature, group of people who's work ethic is probably not on the same level as yours. ** Don't ever work with family !

Bookkeeper in Corning:
"Keep a log."
Keep a log of all new things learned.

Bookkeeper in Frederick:
"You will gain valuable people skills as you deal with others."
Take responsibility for your actions. Know your own worth, Stand up for yourself.