Bookkeeper Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Bookkeeper in Corning:
"Keep a log."
Keep a log of all new things learned.

Bookkeeper in Frederick:
"You will gain valuable people skills as you deal with others."
Take responsibility for your actions. Know your own worth, Stand up for yourself.

Bookkeeper in Denver:
"Job duties and benefits also when do they begin."
Find out what your experience level is worth.

Bookkeeper in Pittsburgh:
Make sure someone spends time with you to get you familiar with how this company does their bookkeeping.

Bookkeeper in Canton:
"Under appreciated, trust issues."
Whether you're an employee or independent contractor, developing a trusting relationship is the first & often very frustrating issue you face with any new employer or client. Some employers feel that anyone can do bookkeeping (just need to know how to add & subtract) and your job duties almost always expand with additional tasks including file clerk, receptionist, and human resources tasks.

Bookkeeper in Norwich:
"That payroll would be included."
Consider all job responsibilities in the dept before accepting pay scale.

Bookkeeper in Albany:
First and foremost since most bookkeepers and other office people sit a lot. Its very important to get some physical exercise into your daily routine such as walking at lunch and stretching. Joining a gym for routine exercise. A body that sits a lot can become uncomfortable which results in irritability etc. So getting physical will help not only your body but your mind. There are a lot of rewards to working for a good employer. Every employer type has different needs and therefore different duties may be needed. The normal is A/R, A/P, Collections, Payroll, Scheduling, customer service. Learning Microsoft Word and Excel are valuable skills. QuickBooks is a must. Being organized is my top priority and very important as you have different duties on different days. I think Outlook is a good tool for organizing emails and a busy schedule.