Bookkeeper Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Bookkeeper in Albany:
First and foremost since most bookkeepers and other office people sit a lot. Its very important to get some physical exercise into your daily routine such as walking at lunch and stretching. Joining a gym for routine exercise. A body that sits a lot can become uncomfortable which results in irritability etc. So getting physical will help not only your body but your mind. There are a lot of rewards to working for a good employer. Every employer type has different needs and therefore different duties may be needed. The normal is A/R, A/P, Collections, Payroll, Scheduling, customer service. Learning Microsoft Word and Excel are valuable skills. QuickBooks is a must. Being organized is my top priority and very important as you have different duties on different days. I think Outlook is a good tool for organizing emails and a busy schedule.

Bookkeeper in Des Moines:
I wish I had more college training in sales tax for various states.

Bookkeeper in Grand Rapids:
"Continue To Learn As You go, Especially New Software."
Make sure you know what the main scope of business is for the company you are working for. It makes it much easier to know how to present the financial data. Also continue to learn new software and laws.

Bookkeeper in Miami:
"Deadlines - Working 'Round The Clock."
If you deal with more than just data entry and are responsible for filing forms, prepare for deadlines especially if you work for an accounting firm.

Bookkeeper in Gridley:
"Expect Everything."
You are expected to pick up and learn everything. Stay on top of everything and research ideas for how everything can be better.

Bookkeeper in Frankfort:
"Books haven't been done for a year."
Knowledgeable in all group.