Business Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Business Manager in Greensboro:
"Not enough pay raises."
Find history on if there are raises based on your performance revews.

Business Manager in Atlanta:
"The bottom line."
Cons: The way people handle various situations.

Business Manager in Paintsville:
"Howmuch work hrs. Iss expected."
Im required to work up to 50-60 hrs per week, but pd. For only 40. They only give 24 hrs comp. Time every 12 months.

Business Manager in Cleveland:
"Very demanding."
Owner not here.

Business Manager in Ozawkie:
"My Life."
Pros: Holidays, four day work weeks in summer, co workers.
Cons: Stress Level.

Business Manager in New Haven:
"Company would change."
Willing to Change.

Business Manager in Rockville:
"Part admin assistant, part project manager."
Pros: I like my ability to work independently and that I have many different types of responsibilities, all of which are important to keeping our team running smoothly. I also have learned a lot about project management and budgeting.
Cons: I often don't have enough to do and I do not have a strong background in the technology that we use. I have to search hard every day for things to fill my 8 hours. Also, government/contractor relations can be highly political.